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For each of our regional tourist guides, we send out a monthly newsletter to thousands of Internet subscribers, looking for information on the best offers and events of the moment. We offer tourism professionals a unique opportunity to communicate directly with these Internet users.

Here are the advantages of promoting your offers in our newsletter:

  1. Targeted, committed audience:
    Our newsletters reach thousands of subscribers every month, all of whom are interested in tourist activities and regional events. By communicating your offers through our platform, you gain access to a qualified audience that is particularly receptive to your proposals.
  2. Increased visibility:
    By appearing in our newsletters, your offers benefit from immediate and significant visibility. This enables you to reach a large audience on a regular basis and maximize the impact of your promotional campaigns.
  3. Trust and credibility:
    Negocom Atlantique is a company renowned for the quality of its tourist guides. By associating your name with our publications, you gain credibility with Internet users, who see our recommendations as a sign of trust.
  4. Efficient, cost-effective communication:
    Communicating via our newsletters is a cost-effective and efficient way of promoting your offers. You reach interested users directly without the high costs often associated with other marketing channels.
  5. Flexibility and customization:
    Our communication solutions are flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're promoting a special event, a new offer or a seasonal activity, we offer customized options to maximize your impact.
  6. Ongoing engagement:
    Our newsletters are sent out monthly, ensuring ongoing engagement with our audience. This regularity maintains a constant link with subscribers and keeps them informed of your latest offers and news.

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